Dangers Of Lopping Your Own Trees

DIY Tree Lopping Dangers

While everyone agrees that a little bit of greenery in the garden can enhance the look of your beautiful house, these trees might become a problem as well.

Sometimes, these trees might create certain problems that will leave you with no choice but to trim your own trees and other vegetation.

For example, your tree might be causing reception problems in your house or the neighbour’s, trees branches and roots could cause damage to your neighbour’s belongings and so on.

Dangers Of Lopping Your Own Trees

Tree lopping – a dangerous activity

If you decide to take matters in your own hand, then beware of the physical and legal problems.  There are several hazards that can crop up if you lop your own tree, such as:

  • Cuts and scratches from tree branches.
  • Allergic reactions could be triggered due to the poisonous flowers, leaves and bark of the tree.
  • There might be a slip leading to a fall, the consequences of which, could be life threatening.
  • Creatures living on the tree like snakes, bees and wasps could attach you.
  • The machinery that you use to carry out this activity could lead to cuts, injuries. And abrasions due to lack of use, maintenance and expertise.

Tree lopping is a dangerous activity. We highly recommend hiring a professional arborist. If you need licensed arborists Pro Tree Removal Brisbane are based in South East Queensland and provide affordable tree services throughout the region. They are fully qualified and licensed so you know you’re in safe hands.

Vegetation Protection Order

Some of the trees are protected by the local authorities by passing a vegetation protection order or a VPO. Even if the tree is dead, if you lop off a tree that is protected by law, you could find yourself in deep trouble.

Avoiding lopping your own trees

There are some steps that you can take so that you never have to be in such a situation where you have to lop your own tree:

  • Maintain good relations with your neighbours, so that any future problems regarding trees can be peacefully solved.
  • While planting trees think about the future. To avoid planting those trees that could create problems for you as well as those around your property.
  • Get your trees pruned and maintained regularly by professionals so that such a dispute never arises.

Safe tree lopping

Tree lopping is a very risky and dangerous activity. If indeed, you have no other choice but do lop your own tree, remember to do the following:

  • Find out if the tree you plan to work on is legally protected or not, that is, VPO protected.
  • Talk to professionals and find out about the problems that they face.
  • If you will be using cranes and other heavy machinery. Then talk to the operators of such vehicles and equipments and discuss the risks involved.
  • Talk to the suppliers, industrial associations and manufacturers. To analyze the previous recent accidents and near misses and see what you can learn from them.

Tree Lopping


Tree lopping is an extremely dangerous activity. It is recommended that you don’t ever carry out such a task without proper education and training.

It is best left to the arborists and other professionals who will do a better and safer job without causing any harm or damage. To learn more about arborists visit the Queensland Arboricultural Association Inc website here.