4 Signs You Need A New Office Cleaner

A significant part of any business in Australia is keeping the offices clean. Because a comfortable clean quality working environment is normally linked directly to the worker’s productivity.

Business owners and their representatives should pay special attention to an attractive appearance and its upkeep on a regular basis.

In fact, if the cleaning company is not doing a consistently high-quality job, it may be time to look for another cleaning company that will meet your needs and requirements. If they aren’t using the right cleaning products consider using a supplier like AE Products who provide affordable cleaning supplies.

So, for those of you who are interested in the 4 Signs You Need A New Office Cleaner, here is a list and a brief description of each.

5 Signs You Need A New Office Cleaner

1. Workers Complain

Normally, when employees are in a clean environment, they are pleased with the office and their surroundings. Based on various work studies, clean office environments tend to encourage employees to work better and they are happier when they come to work.

In fact, they can focus solely on their work without being distracted by things in the office that are left undone. From having to empty the garbage cans at the beginning of the day to tiding up the break rooms before they can relax on their break, there are some definite tale-tell signs that you should pay close attention to before they escalate.

Typically, when these problems are not corrected, workers will begin to complain. So, the owners may not have a choice but to dismiss the present cleaning crew in order to hire another cleaning company that will do a better job for the office as a whole.

2. Supplies Run Low or Empty

Having all of the essential in an office is not a luxury but mandatory for a smooth running office environment. This is because consumable supplies are essential to a healthy and clean workplace. Check here to know how to run your office more smoothly.

Normally, before the cleaning crew leaves at night or early in the morning, these consumable supplies must be restocked and then placed where they are needed most.

For instance, the cleaning crew is responsible for not only cleaning the sinks in the bathroom and the toilets but replacing the following:

  • Hand soap
  • toilet paper
  • Garbage liners for the garbage receptacles
  • And any other items that’s needed to ensure the office facility is stocked properly

With many of the top cleaning contracts, this is an area that is a staple that needs to be abided by or another cleaning company will be hired that will.

3. Cleaning Companies Don’t Inspect or Provide Audit Reports

When a cleaning company is completely committed to doing above and beyond excellent service. They will go the extra mile to adhere to the contracts that they have signed.

As part of this type of contract, the cleaning company’s management will require regular reports of what is going on.

With these contracts, this is a win-win situation that will avoid bigger problems. If not, no regular inspections and audit reports can be deemed as negligent.

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4. Hidden Dirt and Grime: Take a good look

The surface of the office looks clean but there are hidden dirt and grime in many of the common areas. Therefore, if you see dirt and grime in the following area, it is time to think about the replacement.

  • Dirt and buildup behind the toilets
  • Refrigerators with old stains left on the shelves and the doors
  • Stains in the flooring in the corners

All of which are signs that the cleaning company is skimping on doing a good clean thorough job. Also, by replacing this crew with a better company. You will also find that many areas will become problems that cause these issues:

  • A unsanitized workplace that affects the health of the workers
  • Clients have a bad perception of the business’ ability to perform quality work